Offers from Lidl: car accessories at low prices

If you are looking for tools, car accessories or car care products, it might be worth taking a look at the discounter Lidl from Thursday (June 23). Among other things, there are car care products from Nigrin at bargain prices. AUTO BILD has taken a look at the brochure for you!

Compressor on sale at Lidl

If you are looking for mobile and compact compressors, you could find them at Lidl. From Thursday, the discounter will be offering the Ultimate Speed ​​car mini-compressor for EUR 14.99. According to Lidl, the compressor can be operated with a 12-volt connection – ideal for use directly on the car. Connected to the 12-volt socket, the compressor delivers an operating pressure of up to ten bars.
Also on offer at Lidl from Thursday: the Ultimate Speed ​​UPK 10 E2, an instrument cluster that includes both a power bank and a mini compressor. The device can be used, for example, to jump-start when the battery is low and also to adjust the tire pressure. The power bank (Li-ion battery with 14 Ah/44.8 Wh) offers a charge status display and a protective circuit to detect defective or deeply discharged car batteries. A jumper cable is included. The compressor with integrated compressed air hose is equipped with a digital manometer and has an automatic switch-off when the pressure is reached (preset between 0.3 and 3.5 bar). Price: 69.99 euros.

Cheap car accessories

Lidl offers a mobile phone holder for the ventilation slats for 4.99 euros. The holder is available in different versions, depending on the smartphone with a plug-in holder or a magnetic holding plate. You can find more information on the subject of mobile phone holders in the AUTO BILD mobile phone holder test!

Other car accessories at Lidl: bungee cords and lashing straps for attaching objects to loading areas or in the trunk. A four-piece bungee cord set, a ratchet strap or two quick-release straps are available for EUR 2.49 each.

Lidl offers trailer nets (e.g. for transporting leaves and garden waste in the trailer) in three different sizes (200×150 cm, 300×160 cm, 350×180 cm). Price: 9.99 euros.

Lidl range of car care products

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