OG3NE looks back on point count Eurovision: ‘It was dubious’

The personal song ‘Lights and Shadows’ was written especially for their mother Isolde who was unable to come to Kiev at the time due to her illness. The ladies make it to the grand final but do not often look back to it themselves. Shelley: “I have to admit that I haven’t watched the final for a long time. We are very perfectionist. It felt so nice and good, the reactions were good, so I don’t want that feeling to go away.” Lisa: “All the emotions came out from the past months.” Amy: I think that’s why it felt like it was less, because it’s your last chance. You want that too perfect. Lisa looks back best on the semi-finals in terms of performance. “It was also better vocally than the final”, says Amy.

In Kiev, OG3NE is experiencing an emotional week. Due to her illness, Isolde would not be able to cope with the trip to Kiev. As a surprise she did travel the evening of the semi-final. The sisters often think back to that moment. Shelley: “We thought about one more interview, so we go to that little room and then she came. We were in shock. She just thought, ‘I have to be there.” Amy: “It gave us a boost when we started rehearsing and she was sitting in the hall. It felt complete. It felt worn out. “

In the grand final, the sisters receive 135 points from the European expert juries and 15 points from the viewers at home. The ladies look back on it with mixed feelings. “The points all went to countries that were at the bottom. For the rest I’m not going to say anything about it, but I find it very dubious,” said Lisa. “Strange,” adds Shelley. “I’m pretty fanatical and I was pretty angry. Lisa said girls this is part of the deal, be nice and soon in the hotel you can cry and be angry. And we did. I also said: ‘I’m all set. along!'”

Back in the Netherlands, Isolde’s health is deteriorating. Dies in July 2017 mother Isolde at the age of 48. Still ‘Lights and Shadows’ is a source of inspiration for many people and the song gives OG3NE support. “You can only write something like this if you have experienced it yourself”, says Lisa. “We think it’s special that we get all those personal stories from people.”


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