OG3NE sisters again provide goosebumps with a new cover

The sisters have been supporting their followers for weeks with their musical pieces of art, and now they also provide goosebumps to the necessary viewers. “Currently, there are many people who cannot be with their loved one. Even though health and safety are paramount, it remains difficult to miss someone, ‘the sisters write under the video.

Homesick was originally written by Dua Lipa and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who can also be heard as a backing vocalist. According to the trio, the song fits exactly in this spirit of the time. Many people are homesick (homesick) and we believe it is a desire, not for a specific place but for a specific person. “

The video can count on a lot of loving responses. ‘So beautiful, I have goosebumps everywhere’, ‘Weirdly good’ and ‘Extraordinarily beautiful’ are some of the many positive reactions.


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