OG3NE tongue-tied after I Can See Your Voice

Briefly, the goal of the program: every week it is up to a well-known artist and his biggest fan to pick out the false crows and to have a singing talent. If this succeeds, the fan will go home with 5,000 euros. There is one more but: nobody knows how many golden throats are actually in the game. So it may well be that only one of the six candidates actually manages to hit the right notes, but they can all turn out to be talents.

To help the well-known artist and his fan get started, an expert panel has been put together to guide them through four different rounds: the first impression, the lipsync round, the proof round and the final, which revolves around the closing duet between the two. artist and the remaining candidate. Did the fan choose well? Then he or she will go home with 5,000 euros. Does it turn out to be a false crow? Then the remaining candidate runs off with the prize money.

In the first episode it is the task of the OG3NE sisters and their fan Anneke to separate the wheat from the chaff. According to the panel, the six carefully selected candidates all have something that makes them able to sing or not. For example, one person holds his microphone a bit strangely and another has the figure of a dancer. Two of the six candidates are sisters and after much deliberation Anneke decides to send one of them home. According to her she is a dancer and not a singer. Where we at The Masked Singer, which is from the same makers, have to wait until the end of the episode for the big reveal, it becomes immediately after the first round that ‘Miss American Dream’ is really a singer. Kizzy, her real name, has even graduated from the Boston Conservatory and has performed for Bill Clinton before.

In the second round we get to hear the other five candidates for the first time. But is it their own voice? Because it turned out earlier that Kizzy could sing a nice moppie, Anneke thinks her sister was less lucky. And she is on the right track, because sister Mishaela managed to trick everyone with her pose and turns out to be a real lip sync fanatic.

After the third round, two candidates must be said goodbye. Anneke sends numbers 1 and 5 home. And that is a shame, because number 5 turns out to be able to sing. And how! She graduated from the Conservatory, is a music and drama teacher and in 2018 she won an Amateur Musical Award for “Best female lead”. OG3NE is also disappointed: “It’s a shame, it’s a shame. Not only about the money, but also the duet. We would have liked to sing it with you, because you’re fantastic.”

Finally, the other two candidates are each questioned for one more minute, but they may only answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’. On that basis they say goodbye to ‘De Reizende Rocker’. Again not such a convenient choice because Robin, as his real name is, tours the US with his American band for two months a year. Everyone is very disappointed that he is not the chosen one for the duet and that is why panel member Marieke Elsinga makes him a promise: “Tomorrow I’ll play you on the radio!”

But the big question remains: will Anneke win the 5,000 euros or have we all invested in it and will ‘De Sparkling Brabander’ go home with the prize money? Anneke has bet on the right horse, because the 39-year-old Bert appears to be a singer by trade! Music is his great passion and he performs as a singer and DJ throughout the country.

I Can See Your Voice can be seen every Thursday at 8.30 pm on RTL4.


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