Ok Google: Set up my device – it’s very easy

In this guide you will learn how to activate the Google Assistant voice control for Android, iOS and Google Chrome.

The Google Assistant voice search is available in the Google app on Android and iOS as well as for Google Chrome on desktop PCs and notebooks. Once the voice assistant has been set up, it can be activated with a simple “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to receive your commands and search queries. In this article we explain everything you need to know about this powerful tool from Google and, above all, how to set it up on your device.

Set up the Google Assistant on Android devices

As expected, the Google Assistant is already installed ex works on current Android smartphones and tablets. To activate or deactivate speech recognition:

  1. Start the

    Google app.

  2. Open the


    via the three-point menu.

  3. Choose the category

    “Voice input”

    the end.

  4. At the point “Ok Google” tap on

    “Voice Match”


  5. Then activate or deactivate the “Ok Google” option using the slider.

Note: The voice assistant microphone appears


in the Google search widget on the home screen – regardless of whether you have activated or deactivated it. So don’t let that unsettle you.

Activate Voice Match

Under the “Other devices” column in the same menu item you can also select the so-called

Activate the Voice Match option

. With this language model, the Google Assistant learns to react only to your personal voice and to only deliver results that are relevant to you (e.g. calendar appointments or your own playlists). To do this, Google needs to know on which devices your voice should be recognized – they can link your voice to a loudspeaker or a smartwatch, for example, in order to control them by voice command. Voice Match currently allows up to six people to be linked to individual devices.

Set up the Google Assistant on iOS devices

Setting up the Google voice assistant is basically the same on iPhones and iPads. The only difference in the end is that you can’t just speak the respective voice commands into the microphone, as is usual on Android devices, but that you can

only works via the Google app

. Of course, this has to do with the fact that Siri is not active on iOS, but Google Assistant. To set up Google Voice Search on your iOS device:

  1. Install and open the

    Google app.

  2. Switch to the


    via the three-point menu and then to the category

    “Voice input”.

  3. Then activate voice input under

    “Ok Google”

    and save your changes by clicking on “Done”.

  4. Open the Google app again and say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to start the wizard.

Set up the Google Assistant for Google Chrome

It is also possible to use the Google voice search in the Chrome browser, which has the practical added value that you no longer have to type in future search queries all the time. The most important requirement is of course that you have connected a microphone to your computer if it is not already integrated. The setup and activation then goes as follows:

  1. Open


    and go to the Google homepage.

  2. In the search box, click the

    Microphone icon.

  3. The first time you get a request to let Chrome access the microphone. Confirm this by clicking on “Allow”.

  4. You can now enter your search query by speaking.

Use the microphone icon to activate the Google Assistant in the Google Chrome browser


Use the microphone icon to activate the Google Assistant in the Google Chrome browser

Set up the Google Assistant for Google Home

Voice assistants play a very important role, especially in the smart home area. If you use Google Home or plan to do so, you can set up the Assistant there too. You can use it to control streaming services such as Netflix or YouTube, for example, by starting a film or a song with a voice command. Setting up the Google Assistant works via the

Google Home app,

which the connected Google Home normally recognizes by itself and starts the corresponding setup process.

Control Google Home with a voice assistant


Control Google Home with a voice assistant

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In general, the more you use voice search, the more the voice assistant learns. Over time, it recognizes your preferences and your commands better and better and delivers even more precise results. In spite of everything, you should speak as clearly as possible with every voice search. Also note that the Google Assistant is accessing your Google account or profile data, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Now that you have set up the Google Assistant, the exciting question is what speech recognition can do and what commands you should know. In this article, we have summarized the most important and useful voice commands for you.

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