Old commercials with Britney Spears go viral on TikTok for not making any sense

Britney Spears, of course, has a career spanning decades. And during those years she also recorded a lot of commercials besides music. And one of them is now going viral on TikTok and the reason is hilarious.

Commercials can sometimes be strange. But this commercial by Britney Spears is very bizarre. TikTokker Michel Eid noticed this. He posted the ad on TikTok where it was quickly picked up and is now going viral.

Strange perfume advertisement

It is a commercial from 2020 for Radiance, the latest perfume from Britney Spears. But the storyline in the commercial is strange to say the least.

We watch Britney sneak away from a red carpet to go to a fortune teller. Plot twist: when the fortune teller wants to predict Britney’s future, the singer is suddenly no longer interested. “No thanks, I choose my own destiny.” So why sneak away from a red carpet to start wasting a fortune teller’s time, Britney?

Watch the commercial here:


So the advertising is completely useless, because why do you step into a fortune teller if you do not want to know your future? TikTokker Michel Eid noticed the complete lack of logic in the ad and took it even further.

He created extra scenarios that are just as strange as Britney’s. Like walking into a restaurant and saying that you will cook your own food or go to the hairdresser and then say that you will cut your hair yourself. The TikTok was quickly picked up and went viral. Meanwhile, the video has already garnered over 3 million likes and 30,000 comments.

Check out the hilarious TikTok here:


bruh why’d she walk in, sit down and gaze into the ball ## britneyspears ## britney


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