Old famous The Voice re-enters the stage 23 kilos lighter

Sebastiën also gave it a try two years ago The voice of Holland and was then part of Team Sanne. Unfortunately, the 25-year-old dropped out just before the big live shows. That’s why he now wants revenge. To leave nothing to chance, he has been working on himself a lot lately. “When I saw myself on television I thought: dude, you really let yourself go. I tackled that and have now lost about 23 kilos. A whole new me”, said the singer.

Despite his experience, nerves are racing through his body. “Of course I already participated, so you can still feel that tension from back then. But I don’t know whether he is less bad or worse”, he says just before his big moment. “I’m happy when someone turns up, let’s just go for it. It’s make or break.”

That Sebastiën does not have to worry is clear after the first note. Anouk is immediately enthusiastic and turns her chair. “What a beautiful voice, dude!” Jan Smit is also quickly convinced. Waylon joins them at the last minute, although he is a little less enthusiastic because Sebastian reminds him a lot of Kensington. “But that’s okay, they have very big hits – and I wish you that too”, the rocker laughs. Anouk agrees with Waylon’s words, but the singer was especially captivated by the beginning of his performance. “Ridiculously beautiful”, she even calls it. “I thought: I have to turn right away to see what it is.”

Ultimately, it is coach Anouk who is allowed to work with Sebastiën. And he can wet his chest, because earlier the singer snapped off colleague Waylon …


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