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Old WhatsApp messages can no longer be read from 15 May (unless …)

There has been a lot of work on WhatsApp lately. The company, which is owned by Facebook, has announced that it will change its terms of use. Something that many users, due to the closer cooperation with the parent company, disagree and switch.

The chance that even more users will leave WhatsApp in the coming days is quite high. The platform has announced that everyone must accept the new conditions. Don’t you? Then you lose access to your messages.

WhatsApp messages can no longer be read

Anyone who has not accepted the new terms of use by May 15, 2021 will lose access to their messages. From that moment it is possible to see notifications and make calls, but reading and sending messages is no longer possible. If you decide to accept the conditions at a later time, you will be granted access again.

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Incidentally, you must accept these conditions within a few weeks from 15 May 2021. If you don’t, WhatsApp will delete your entire account. So the conversations you have had in the past few years will be gone forever. WhatsApp will therefore no longer work for you from that moment on.

Many users quit

WhatsApp has seen more and more users leave for the competition in recent weeks. This has everything to do with those renewed terms of use that would originally take effect from February 8, 2021. Given the fuss about these new conditions, and the fact that WhatsApp thinks it is a misunderstanding, the deadline has been moved. The new conditions will now take effect from May 15, 2021.

While more and more users are switching to services such as Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp makes an effort to explain the new conditions as clearly as possible. Last week, for example, the company released a new explanation for the second time in a short time. According to the company, not much will change, but the new conditions really show something different.

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