OLED TV with a “very good” rating on offer at Saturn

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time for a new television? Then you should absolutely make sure that you are on a device with OLED technology changes. OLED TVs don’t just offer you razor-sharp and high-contrast images with rich colors and real
Black, but they are also still energy and space saving (because they are narrower can be built). That is exactly why OLED is the technology of the future, if it’s about television.

OLED TV from LG on sale at Saturn

Although the technology is still relatively new, there are now many OLED televisions – it can be overwhelming to choose the right device. But this decision now makes Saturn easier for you. Because there is now the OLED TV OLED65C8 from LG at a special price *. The RRP for the TV is 3499.00 euros, but at Saturn it costs only 1799.00 euros. This corresponds to a saving of 1,700.00 euros. No shop currently offers the TV cheaper. On average, you pay around 700.00 euros more at almost all other retailers. Only at Amazon it is a little cheaper at € 2,100.00 (but still € 300.00 more expensive than at Saturn). This was the result of the price comparison on Idealo *.

What can the cheap OLED TV from LG?

Saturn* If the price alone doesn’t convince you, we still have an argument for you that speaks for this model. Stiftung Warentest rated this model with an overall grade of 1.5, which corresponds to the grade “very good”. In addition to image and sound quality, the versatility of the TV was praised. This means that it has many additional functions such as the recording function, network suitability and internet capability. The OLED65C8 * was only “good” in the categories handling and environmental properties.

Here you can take a closer look at Saturn’s OLED TV deal

Further Advantages of the LG TV are its chic and flat design as well
large 65-inch screen. And because its price is so incredible now
fell deep, you should take a closer look at the deal at Saturn.
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