Olivia Rodrigo got her drivers license in four tries

Drivers license catapulted Olivia Rodrigo to the top of charts worldwide. But for the young actress and singer it was no fun at all to get her driver’s license. During an interview she said that it took her no less than four attempts.

It seems like everything is going smoothly for Olivia Rodrigo. For example, the 18-year-old American is featured in High School Musical: The Series on Disney + and immediately scored a worldwide hit with her first song as a singer. Drivers license is – logically – about her driver’s license and her previous relationship.

Four tries

But unlike her life in the spotlight, getting that driver’s license went a lot less smoothly. “It’s actually very sad,” said the young singer during an interview with 94.5 PST, a radio station from LA. “I actually only got my driver’s license on the fourth attempt.”

Olivia Rodrigo said her first appointment had been postponed due to the corona crisis. She had to reschedule her second appointment because she was on the set of High School Musical: The Series was standing. “The third time I get there after taking a flight from Utah to Los Angeles.”


“I’m in the car and the man comes to check if my lights are working and so on. And he says, “Okay, honk now.” I do, but the horn doesn’t seem to work on my mom’s car. But she didn’t know that, because she is literally the calmest person on the planet. So he says, ‘Your car is legally unsafe. You are not allowed to take the exam. ‘ I was not even allowed to leave. ”

At the fourth attempt (but actually her first real attempt) Olivia Rodrigo passed her driving test. And now she drives all the way “alone fits your street“.


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