Olivia Rodrigo shares her 18 favorite songs to celebrate her 18th birthday

Olivia Rodrigo has conquered the world in recent weeks with her debut single Drivers License. And she did that before she turned 18 years old. The American only celebrated that special birthday last weekend. She didn’t buy a big cake for that. Nope, she made a unique list of 18 songs that made her the girl that she is now.

Olivia Rodrigo celebrated her eighteenth birthday last Saturday. And that is a special day. So the young singer and actress also wanted to share something special with her fans. It is a video in which she unleashes her 18 favorite songs in the world.

Different genres

In the video, Olivia Rodrigo describes the songs as “the songs that made me the girl I am today”. And as in her Drivers License could be heard, the 18-year-old singer is inspired from many different angles.

In her list you can find songs from almost all genres you can think of. At the very top we find Picture to Burn from Taylor Swift. In her video, Rodrigo also tells an anecdote about the time when she discovered the song.

Stupid old pickup truck

“I was super young then Picture to Burn came out, ”she explains. And I remember that Istupid old pickup truck‘was not allowed to pronounce. That’s because I thought so stupid was a swear word. Whenever I listened to the song, I was silent when she said that word. ”

In the 18 years, 18 trackslist we also find among others Somebody Told Me from The Killers, Iron Man from Black Sabbath, Merry Go ‘Round from Kacey Musgraves, my boy from Billie Eilish, You Should Be Sad from Halsey and her own Drivers License as a bonus.


Olivia Rodrigo shared the full list with her fans via Spotify. It was given the description “18 songs that formed me… plus 1”.


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