Olympic Committee to replace Games if corona crisis continues until 2021

Due to the corona crisis, the Tokyo Olympic Games were moved to the summer of 2021. Whether or not they will actually take place is open to question. If by then the virus is still a threat, the Olympic Committee will cancel the games.

Bad news for the sports fans among us. They may need to be hungry for a little longer. According to Yoshiro Mori, chairman of the organizing Olympic committee, if the corona virus is not yet under control by 2021, the Tokyo Games may be completely in the water. “In the event of similar problems in the past, such as war, the Games have been canceled. This time we are fighting an invisible enemy. ”

“I don’t think anyone can predict whether the pandemic will be under control by July next year. So at the moment we are not able to give a clear answer, ”says Mori. Despite that uncertainty, the organization is not sitting still. “All we can do right now is work hard and prepare as well as we can for the Games,” it sounds.

Medical advice

Yoshitaka Yokura, president of the Japan Medical Association (JMA), also believes there is a real chance that the event will be canceled. “It will be extremely difficult to organize Olympic Games in Tokyo next year. At this point, I would advise calling everything off, ”he explains.

Other health experts also have doubts. The rising death rate and the lack of a vaccine are of concern to them. “Whether the Games will continue depends on the situation of Covid-19 in Japan and around the world,” said Kentaro Iwata, an infectious disease specialist at Kobe University. In Japan, 14,000 people have already been infected with the virus. Of these, 415 died. Globally, the death rate is estimated at 217,000 people.

Japanese headaches

With the possible cancellation of the Olympic Games, Japan is taking a 90-degree turn. Last month, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe insisted that the Games simply take place. Still, on March 24, he reluctantly agreed to the proposal to postpone the Games by one year.

postponement costs the organizing country an enormous amount of money. It would be a loss
of $ 2.49 billion. However, that is not the only problem. There is a lot there
disagreement about the insurance of the mass event. “Tokyo has 2020
different insurance policies taken out, ”the organization says.
However, we are not sure if the postponement of the Games will be under this
arrangement falls. ”


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