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If you merge two households and a child is added, this will affect the allowances you receive. Such as housing benefit or child-related budget. Rutger and his father go through all the papers. His father advises Rutger to contact the tax authorities. He is entitled to more allowance than he is currently receiving.

Rutger calls the Tax Information Line. Among other things, he indicates that his income must be adjusted downwards. He made less that year. The employee of the Tax Information Line tells him that the changes have been implemented immediately. These will be settled with the next payment of the surcharges. When that payment comes, Rutger is very surprised if the amount is incorrect.

He calls the Tax Information Line again but gets hold of no one. He is also unable to find the answer online. Rutger sees a much higher income than he has reported. He no longer understands it and then decides to contact the National Ombudsman.

Employee Fatima listens to his story and the complaint that he cannot reach anyone. Fatima then contacts the tax authorities. She explains to them that Rutger cannot get in touch to discuss his situation. She asks the tax authorities to deal with the complaint. An employee of the Tax and Customs Administration calls Rutger. He explains to him that the passed on income is no longer automatically used to determine the allowances for the current year. That’s where it went wrong. The Tax and Customs Administration has used outdated data to determine the allowances for this year. They also discuss this year’s estimated income. The Tax and Customs Administration will process everything neatly, inform Rutger about this and make a supplementary payment. All in all, Rutger is happy with the explanation and the outcome of the conversation.

It’s great that the Tax and Customs Administration / Surcharges picked up Rutger’s complaint in this way and clearly explained to him why the change was made incorrectly. Even if contact with the government is difficult or sometimes even not established at all, we are happy if we can help people on their way again in this way.

* Fake names

Is things also going wrong between you and the tax authorities? Or are you unable to reach an agreement with another government agency? Then call the National Ombudsman for free on 0800 – 33 55 555.


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