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Ommetje even more popular on Twitter after a press conference curfew

‘Ommetje’ has been very popular on Twitter since the press conference about the curfew. Since we heard yesterday that curfew will probably prevent us from leaving after 8.30pm, #ommetje is an even more popular hashtag than it already was. And it shows again how people have become attached to their daily (evening) walk.

“I said so, don’t take a detour!” It could thus become a new slogan, with a big nod to Campina’s well-known slogan. Pear Mascini could have laughed about it anyway.

In any case, it is already a popular hashtag and one that many people interpret in their own way. Incidentally, people don’t just do the detours in the evening. For example, Roel Lenoir saw a fox in his street this morning.

Ommen is in any case the favorite word of Jocelyn, she writes, to which Peter Klaas from the vicinity of Ommen, reminisces with melancholy.


After yesterday’s press conference, #ommetje is used even more. People are disappointed that they will probably soon have to stop their evening walk, which they have often become so used to since the first lockdown.

“After a day of work on the ward in the nursing home: coming home, taking a shower, cooking, sitting down for a while, a cup of tea and then taking a walk for your much-needed fresh air, relaxation and physical well-being… With your curfew… I think it’s a terrible thing ”, Care worker Liesje is already disappointed.

Serena also has a hard time with it, as a single, she writes. “I’ve often been alone and now I have to sit alone in the evenings because I can’t even go for a walk with an acquaintance anymore. K ** corona let me get a little lonely if I’m honest… ”

Janneke is already stressing him out for the curfew, figuratively then. “Not that life then becomes impossible, but it does become a bit less easier. Actually much more difficult. In the evening the need to see one person or to take a walk, to relax. ”


There are also many people who wonder what all those people should do outside, after 8:30 pm, “outside in the rain, dark, cold.” Daphne knows. “Most of them are about simple joys like a stroll before going to sleep. Nobody gets corona from that. ”

Neeltje and Amarins agree that the curfew is really not that bad, “life will open again in the spring” and that not much will change. “Except for a detour.” And Hanneke unfollows people who say “that a detour isn’t so bad”. “People, we follow the rules with and for each other. That very solidarity! ”

Omin with the professor

Last year, neuropsychologist Erik Scherder launched a special app for the Brain Foundation, Make Daily an Ommetje, in which he tells interesting brain facts while walking. Frans de Lange, not to be confused with Lange Frans, who was thrown from YouTube again the day before yesterday, shares the professor’s app once again, with a request to postpone the curfew to 9:00 PM. “That is also possible! Wonderful such a detour! ”

“What should I say to the neuropsychologist Erik Scherder if the curfew has to break my series on Ommetje ???”, Adelinde wonders with three question marks.

Twitterer Bas is not the worst. “If a curfew can prevent ambulances from driving rounds because there is no more room in the hospital for Covid patients, I would like to move my detour to during the day.”


There are a few exceptions for people who are allowed on the street after 20:30. People with a dog, for example. “We are relieved that we are allowed to walk our dogs during the announced curfew, because keeping your pee is no fun,” said Daphne Groenendijk, director of the Royal Dog Protection, immediately after the press conference.

Relief everywhere with ‘our’ dog exception, although Groenendijk does hold her big dog heart for the so-called loan dogs. For a few days now, jokes have been made about how people go outside with a borrowed dog in the evening, or by dog ​​owners who already offer their dogs to borrow.

Of course these are often jokes, she also knows. “And fortunately it is regulated by law in the Netherlands that you do not give your dog to the first person to walk and most dog owners really will not do that.”

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