OMT comes together | Will Groningen gas tap open further? | And not so few bankruptcies since 1990

Come all together, shouting for joy. Will the Outbreak Management Team bring us positive news about the lockdown despite the boom in infections? The members of the OMT meet together to draw up advice on the corona measures for the cabinet. Will there be more changes in addition to the advice for the type II face mask?

Those poor Groningen people. This week they had to participate in a common subsidy lottery as a kind of second-rate people. And now the cabinet also wants to open the Groningen gas tap even further, against the agreements. Both the meeting tigers in the Provincial Council and the city council are talking about it.

Be warned. The wappies of the Netherlands in Resistance demonstrate in various places against the corona measures. They meet in Bergen op Zoom, Eindhoven, Sliedrecht, Huizen, Roermond, Utrecht, Breda, The Hague, Maastricht and Groningen.

Not so few companies have gone bankrupt since 1990. Bankruptcy was declared in December, before 137 companies went bankrupt. That is less than in November, bringing the total number of bankruptcies in 2021 to 1,536, the lowest number since 1990.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: The Custodial Institutions Service may not blame a 25-year-old prison guard because she had a relationship with a colleague and lied about it. The judge blocked her dismissal.

We think you should also read this: If you want to do your shopping, the choice has increased again. Ochama, part of internet giant from China, already has two branches in the Netherlands. The groceries ordered online come to you with a robot.

And this you may have missed last night: Protesters in Kazakhstan took to the streets in several cities. The government acted harshly. Dozens of people were killed and thousands were arrested. And that unrest also affects the West. From oil to bitcoin: these are the economic interests in smoldering Kazakhstan.

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ps So far, Brexit has yielded little, argues economist Elwin de Groot. It is therefore not so surprising that in the Netherlands the discussion about Nexit has been almost completely beaten to death, he says.

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