On offer at Aldi: the best deals this week

This week’s Aldi offers are all about midsummer: e-bikes, barbecue accessories and garden furniture are greatly reduced.

Midsummer is also the big topic at Aldi, this week there are numerous new offers for the garden and the barbecue, in addition to e-bikes. We have selected the best bargains for you.

Action cam cheap at Aldi: UHD, waterproof and lots of accessories

E-mountain bike for children: Prophete Graveler 24″

E-mountain bike for children: Prophete Graveler, 24″ for 1199 euros in the Aldi online shop

The electronic mountain bike Graveler from Prophete offers a range of up to 100 kilometers thanks to the fairly large battery capacity (10.4 Ah, 374 WH). Hydraulic disc brakes ensure that the kids come to a standstill quickly, even at the maximum speed of 25 km/h. In addition, the e-bike offers a pushing aid up to approx. 6 km/h if the mountain to be climbed is too steep. The e-bike has been reduced from 1499.95 euros to 1199 euros, we cannot find a lower price in an online comparison. A purchase on installments is possible.

Retro looking e-bike with a long range

Retro e-bike from Prophete for 1299 euros in the Aldi online shop

This e-bike from Prophete with 28-inch tires is something for the nostalgic. The battery is built under the luggage rack, so the actual frame looks slim and traditional. But the inconspicuous exterior is deceptive, thanks to the Blaupunkt motor, 7-speed Shimano gears and 497 Wh battery capacity, the e-bike offers a range of up to 130 kilometers. Included are a three-year warranty (except for wearing parts), a two-year battery warranty and a 10-year frame warranty. The price is 1299 euros, 18 percent below the RRP of 1599.95. We could not find a cheaper offer for this model online.

Bring the holiday home: a beach chair from DC Garden in two colours

DC Garden beach chair in two colors for 399 euros in the Aldi online shop

Starting this week, Aldi is selling a beach chair from DC Garden for your own garden or terrace. It offers space for two people and all sorts of comforts, such as pull-out footrests, two folding tables, newspaper pockets and throw and neck pillows. Two colors are available, black and anthracite. Three year guarantee is included.

Pavilion with LED solar lighting

LED solar pavilion with solar panel and mosquito protection for 799 euros in the Aldi online shop

Laying electricity in the garden is cumbersome, and when the cables run through the meadow it is also a bit ugly. The Azur LED solar pavilion from Home Deluxe can help. Eight integrated LED struts illuminate the interior at night, without any external power source. This works thanks to an integrated solar panel that generates the electricity required during the day. The materials are corrosion and weather resistant. The included mosquito net is practical, so that you can have peace and quiet in your illuminated pavilion at night. Aldi offers a three-year guarantee and the price is 799 euros. That is a saving of 38 percent compared to the RRP of 1299 euros.

Pizza on the grill: SWITCH GRID pizza stone

Enders SWITCH GRID pizza stone for 35.99 euros in the Aldi online shop

With the Enders SWITCH GRID pizza stone, you can easily bake your pizza on your gas grill. Your options are not just limited to pizza, you can also use it to prepare bread or sweet pastries on the grill. The pizza stone is made of heat-resistant ceramic with a diameter of 30 centimeters and is easy to place and remove thanks to two handles. Aldi offers a three-year guarantee. The price is 35.99 euros, 19 percent below the RRP of 44.90 euros.

Ribs, pot roast or even bread: SWITCH GRID Dutch Oven

SWITCH GRID Dutch Oven from Enders for 64.99 euros in the Aldi online shop

Would you rather have meat? An interesting way of preparation is the Dutch Oven. This can also be used on your own gas grill and is particularly suitable for the slow preparation of food. The pot is made of enamelled cast iron and therefore offers good heat retention. This is great for preparing pulled pork, ribs, stew or even bread, for example. The capacity is 5.5 liters, so there is enough space even if you want to cook for a whole family. The guarantee is three years, the price is 64.99 euros. That is a saving of 27 percent compared to the RRP of 89.90 euros.

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