On offer: Microsoft 365 Family and Office 2021 cheap at Amazon

Microsoft 356 Family and Office 2021 are currently available at Amazon at a reasonable price. This is what the Office packages offer.

The annual subscription for Microsoft 365 Family is currently available again from Amazon for only EUR 53.99 instead of EUR 75.99, which corresponds to a saving of 29 percent. This is significantly cheaper than many others


Retailers are currently demanding for the Microsoft 365 product, as a look at the PC-WELT price comparison shows here.

To the Amazon offer: Microsoft 365 Family (1 year) for 53.99 euros (code via email version)

To the Amazon offer: Microsoft 365 Family (1 year) for 53.99 euros (code-in-a-box version)

Also on offer: Microsoft Office 2021

For those who prefer a permanent license instead of an annual subscription, Amazon also offers Microsoft Office 2021 in two versions:

To the Amazon offer: Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for 89.99 euros instead of 149 euros (-40 percent)


To the Amazon offer: Microsoft Office 2021 2021 Home & Business for 184.99 euros instead of 299 euros (-38 percent)

This is what Microsoft Office 2021 offers

With Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student, buyers get

a perpetual license

for one person for a Windows 10 / Windows 11 or Mac computer. A Microsoft account is required for use. The Office applications Office 2021 Word (word processing), Office 2021 Excel (spreadsheets) and Office 2021 Powerpoint (presentation software) are included. Unlike Microsoft 365 packages, however, there are no updates that expand the functions.

With Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business, Outlook is also added. The software can be used to manage emails, appointments, contacts and tasks.

This is what Microsoft 365 Family offers

You can use Microsoft 365 Family for 12 months for up to six people on up to five devices (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). The applications Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint are included. There is also 1 terabyte of online storage space per user on Onedrive and a personal safe. The latter is a particularly heavily protected folder in which you can store important files that can be retrieved after a two-step identity check. All documents and files stored in the cloud are also available to all family members if desired and can be edited across all supported devices.

Unlike Microsoft Office 2019 or the newer Microsoft Office 2021, Microsoft 365 subscribers do not receive a permanent license, but they do receive new functions for the Office applications continuously for as long as the subscription exists.

To the Amazon offer: Microsoft 365 Family (1 year) for 53.99 euros (code via email version)

To the Amazon offer: Microsoft 365 Family (1 year) for 53.99 euros (code-in-a-box version)

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