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For working on the go, a mobile WiFi router, which you can add to one of the various prepaid models and a day pass, is an alternative to free hotspots or a connection via smartphone.

Those who work on the go and have to access the Internet with their notebooks are probably the easiest to take advantage of in cafés or fast-food restaurants, which now often offer their guests free Internet access. If this is not the case, however, the hotspot of the smartphone will help you, which you can set up in the settings under “Hotspot and tethering” and protect it with a password. An alternative to this is a mobile WLAN router, which you can add in connection with one of the various prepaid models and a day pass. For example, Telekom offers a Dayflat unlimited for just under 6 euros, with which you can surf unlimited 24 hours a day. At O2, a similar offer costs around 5 euros. Vodafone limits the day flat rate to 10 GB and charges just under 5 euros for it. With all three options, you can easily survive a day with multiple video conferences. You also need a mobile WiFi router to access the Internet. This is often available in a bundle with the prepaid card. Proven devices in this category are, for example, the Huawei E5576-320 LTE or the TP-Link M7200. Both are priced at around 50 euros and have an integrated battery. Conveniently, the devices are not tied to a specific provider.


Using a smartphone as a mobile modem: smartphone hotspot

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