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One Against 100 corona proof and simpler: One Against 50

One Against 100 becomes corona proof: One Against 50 So. Presenter Caroline Tensen remains unchanged. In addition to halving the number of candidates, there are other measures.

The title of the program accurately reflects the content of the program. A candidate will compete against 100 opponents in the room. Caroline Tensen asks the questions, everyone in the audience keys the answer into “the box”, after which the protagonist gives his or her answer.

The goal: to remove all 100 opponents and take home a large amount of money. Something that always turns out to be a tough task (and not often happens), even with the three escapes, where the candidate can “compensate” for an incorrect answer.

One Against 50

It seems to be getting a lot easier now, because Thursday night has RTL announced that a new version of the program is coming: Postcode Lottery One Against 50 it’s called and it’s “a modified version of knowledge quiz”Postcode Lottery One Against 100“In which all RIVM guidelines regarding COVID-19 are observed and with which RTL can continue to serve the viewer on Sunday evening.”

Caroline intensely happy

Caroline Tensen will present it and she is delighted to be back this season. “It is a privilege that this year I have already started the twentieth season ofPostcode Lottery One Against 100“May present. I am therefore very happy that we have found a way to continue the twentieth season in this modified version. I am really looking forward to it and can’t wait to dive into the studio again in July. ”

Other measures

In addition to halving the number of candidates, other measures, both before and behind the scenes, have been taken and laid down in a protocol. Some of these measures include adjustments to the Tensens desk, disinfection, catering and toilet protocols, walking routes and a layout of candidates that means they are 1.5 meters apart.

Enforcers are also present to ensure compliance with the protocol. At any time, the one and a half meter distance is observed by everyone involved, including Caroline, candidates and crew.

Postcode Lottery One Against 50“Can be seen at 8 pm on Sunday, July 5 RTL 4.

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One Against 100 corona proof and simpler: One Against 50


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