One cuddle contact, working from home: these are the rules for the coming month

The new measures against the spread of the corona virus in our country take effect today. The Consultation Committee of the various Belgian governments decided on this last week. We will list them again.

catering industry

Probably the most difficult measure, both for catering operators and visitors, is the closure of cafés and restaurants. Catering establishments close for at least two weeks from midnight. If it turns out that even longer is needed, they will remain closed for another two weeks. Pick-up from restaurants is possible until 10 pm. Night shops still have to close at 10 pm and alcohol sales will be banned after 8 pm.

Night clock

Between midnight and 5:00 am, it is forbidden for anyone to go out on the street unless you have a valid reason such as work or a medical emergency. In this way, the government wants to prevent people from having home parties with too many people now that the cafes are closed.

Social contacts

From today you are only allowed to see and touch one person up close, your so-called cuddle contact. You may see other people, but from a distance or with a mouth mask. At home you can invite four people every two weeks and in public you can see a maximum of four people at the same time.


Markets and small fairs, with no more than 200 people, will remain open, but eating and drinking will be prohibited. Christmas markets cannot take place.

At other events, only a maximum of 40 people are allowed at a time, unless agreements have been made with the sector. However, those agreements will more than likely be reviewed. Also at coffee tables or banquets there may be only 40 people present.


You will again be asked to work from home if your job allows it, but the government will consider business operations. That means that employees sometimes work at home for a few days and in the office for a few days. If working from home is not possible, everything must be done to ensure that employees work in the safest possible conditions.

The measure is not due to the fact that offices are corona fires, but to prevent the virus from being passed on on crowded buses and trams while people are on their way to work.


200 people per compartment are allowed to watch professional sports matches, but only members of the same household for amateurs. Canteens have to close, just like the rest of the catering industry.


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