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In recent years, more and more providers of so-called car sharing services have emerged in large cities. Whether Car2Go and DriveNow (recently Share Now), Flinkster or Cambio: the principle is the same for all providers. After registering, you can rent cars and drive around the city for a small amount. But how much are the fees for the vehicles really? And which is the cheapest provider?

The Stiftung Warentest has now examined this. In the test: eight car sharing providers. These include Share Now, Sixt Share, Flinkster, Cambio, Miles and Stadtmobil as well as the two agents for private cars Getaround (formerly Drivy) and SnappCar.

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This is the cheapest car sharing provider

If you want to drive a rather short distance within a city, Sixt Share is the cheapest way for you. For 30 minutes or 5 kilometers you only have to pay 2.70 euros. The most expensive provider is Share Now, which charges EUR 7.80 for the same trip.

If your journey takes one hour or the route is 10 kilometers long, Sixt Share (5.40 euros) will be overhauled by Stadtmobil (5 euros) and Cambio (4.80 euros). Nevertheless, Sixt’s car sharing service is still cheap compared to Share Now, where the same trip costs EUR 15.60.

If you want to rent a car for 5 hours or 40 kilometers, Stadtmobil is the rental company of your choice. With 12.50 euros you pay significantly less than the most expensive provider in the test: Share Now. The car sharing provider from BMW and Daimler charges around 45 euros for this.

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The problem with Sixt Share and Share Now

While Share Now caused a sensation throughout the test as the most expensive car sharing provider and is also currently only available in seven cities, Sixt Share shares one of these problems. The provider is the cheapest, especially for short journeys within the city. However, Sixt Share is only available in eight cities (Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Duisburg, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Nuremberg). In addition: Sixt Share is station-bound. While cars from Sixt Share, ShareNow and Miles are scattered around the city, you have to find a rental station at Stadtmobil, Flinkster and Cambio. And that can be a few kilometers away from your location.

Share Now, Flinkster and Co .: these are the test winners

Overall, Stiftung Warentest Flinkster is the test winner (grade: 1.9). They are followed by Sixt Share (2.0), Share Now and Stadtmobil (2.2 each), Cambio (2.3) and Miles (2.7).

In addition, the consumer protection organization has tested Getaround and SnappCar, two car sharing services that are based on a slightly different model. Here the cars you want to rent come not from large companies but from private individuals. This means that you can also rent your car through these providers.

A car sharing provider fails

If you want to rent a car via Snappcar and Getaround, you ask the landlord and can then usually pick it up at the owner’s place of residence. That worked rather poorly in the test. At Snappcar, the testers hardly managed to rent a vehicle. Most landlords rejected the booking request or did not respond. “The service was so unreliable that we awarded a deficiency,” said Stiftung Warentest. It worked better with Getaround, according to the testers.

The special thing about a rented car via Getaround: A weekend trip from Hamburg to the Baltic Sea costs around 60 euros compared to the other providers comparatively little. And there is another advantage: almost all vehicle classes and types can be found on both portals, from classic cars to camper vans.


If you want to rent a car spontaneously and are not looking for a rental station, Sixt Share is a good and cheap option. The station-bound providers Flinkster and Stadtmobil are less flexible, but often a little cheaper. Anyone planning a longer trip can take a closer look at Getaround. Here you will find cars from private owners that you can rent for a whole weekend – and that much cheaper than at Share Now and Co.

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