One in five workers afraid of losing a job due to corona

Just over 20 percent of working Dutch people fear losing their job due to the corona virus.

So four in five people are not employed, but the percentage is still significant when you consider that our country had about 9 million people in the labor market in the fourth quarter (source: CBS).

The figures from research by, an initiative of Viisi Hypotheken, carried out by PanelInzicht among 1,505 working Dutch people. Of all respondents, 22 percent think their employer is unclear about the consequences of the corona virus on the future of their organization.

Fear of losing a job

Lying awake at night for job

With 23 percent, especially highly educated people are concerned about their jobs, among practically skilled people this fear is less present (17 percent). “On the one hand, it is positive that a large part of the working Netherlands is not concerned. On the other hand, we are talking about almost 2 million Dutch people who are “awake at night”, says Tom van der Lubbe, co-founder of Viisi Hypotheken. “The uncertainties and fears of this group should certainly be taken seriously.”


The survey shows that employers play an important role in the current insecurity among workers. Not only are 22 percent of respondents unhappy with the way their boss communicated to their employees in the past month, 15 percent are not convinced that their employer is doing everything they can to keep them. A sixth is also dissatisfied with the extra workload caused by the corona virus and states that too little is being done by their organization to manage it. “Unwise,” says organizational psychologist Kilian Wawoe, affiliated with the Free University of Amsterdam. “There is still a structural shortage of people and the aging of the population continues. It is in these times that you should cherish your people. ”

Fear of losing a job
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Future organization

Despite 92 percent of workers expecting their organization to survive the corona crisis, the way a company behaves now can have major implications for the future. Especially in the area of ​​recruitment and selection, the virus seems to leave deep marks. For example, two-thirds of respondents would prefer not to work for a company that behaves amorously during the corona crisis. About half say they will no longer apply at all at such an organization in the future. The study shows that especially highly educated people find this very important. “Just now – being very aware of how you deal with this crisis as an organization and being maximally transparent about it is essential,” says René Brouwers, director of Great Place To Work. “I am convinced that after the crisis, employers who are now social and transparent about all difficult decisions will reap the benefits.”

Communication employers are not always good

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