One in ten Dutch people find it difficult to make ends meet due to the corona crisis

It concerns people with a so-called flexible working relationship and self-employed persons. Of these, income fell at 62 and 69 percent respectively, according to a survey of the platform Wijzer in Geldzaken among about 1200 Dutch people.

The loss of income causes considerable stress, which should come as no surprise. The group of Dutch people involved is larger than you may think: one in ten Dutch people say it is difficult to make ends meet.

Despite government support in trouble

This concerns people with social assistance or disability benefits, but also self-employed workers and flex workers with professions in which little is paid. They even lose income with the support of the government, and suddenly have to come up with solutions.

This often involves making debts, something that the financial regulator AFM recently warned against.

Use savings

Almost half of the respondents have already had to use savings to pay the bills. And 33 percent say they will get further into trouble if the current situation lasts longer than three months.

Not everyone has such a buffer. More than 40 percent of people on benefits or low-paid flexwork have no sling for a setback of more than 2000 euros. This often causes headaches, especially among low-paid self-employed workers. Of them, 38 percent find it difficult to forget about the money worries.


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