“One of the 25 Guns” for Giga Berlin: Battery expert changes from VW to Musk’s super team

The top problem solver at Tesla is probably still CEO Elon Musk himself, but the company is growing, and with a view to the German Gigafactory near Berlin, Musk announced last November that he had 25 tech aces for them to solve problems quickly want to hire. How many members his team from “25 Guns” for Giga Berlin now has is unknown. But a recent article shows that at least one thing has long been found: a young doctor of chemistry and a former employee of BMW and, most recently, Volkswagen.

Tesla gun with battery experience

Martin Gouverneur describes himself as a “cell engineer and one of 25 guns” at Tesla in his current LinkedIn profile, as the Handelsblatt first reported on Monday. According to further information, he studied chemistry from 2007 and became a doctor in the subject in 2016. Via the discontinued subsidiary Leap for the production of lithium-ion batteries, he then worked initially at Bosch as a battery research engineer, then at BMW in process development for cell production and, directly before Tesla, as a production planner for lithium-ion cells at Volkswagen.

Tesla boss Musk revealed that he had come to meet technology aces for the German Gigafactory in November 2020 shortly after landing on his second visit to Germany that year. For applications he used the address and shortly afterwards stated on Twitter that he was simply looking for problem solvers with a high sense of urgency. He did not care whether they had completed an apprenticeship or not, wrote the Tesla boss in his typical manner.

Giga Berlin should produce batteries

With the German chemistry doctor, Musk has apparently found at least one of his 25 technology aces for the factory in Grünheide. The governor specifies January 2021 as the starting date at Tesla. On LinkedIn he has since joined a colleague’s call to “hardcore engineers and production managers” for Giga Berlin. “Also looking for highly motivated cell engineers!” He added. Tesla wants to build its first large-scale factory for its own 4680 cells on the Gigafactory Berlin site, but has not yet presented any concrete plans for this.


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