One of the most legendary wrestlers ever, The Undertaker is retiring after 30 years in WWE

Iconic wrestler Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, has retired from WWE at the age of 55. With his long track record, peak performance and popularity, he is considered by many to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

It was at last weekend’s Survivor Series in Orlando, Florida that The Undertaker retired from professional wrestling. “My time has come to let The Undertaker rest in peace,” Calaway said characteristically slowly, then bowed his head.

It was at the same event in 1990 that The Undertaker made its debut with the WWF, the largest wrestling association that would later change its name to WWE. With his haunting macabre look and his impressive 8 feet, he instantly became one of the most prominent figures in the wrestling world.


Barely a year later, The Undertaker would capture its first championship by beating titleholder Hulk Hogan. He would later take that title three more times.

However, his most impressive achievement he established at WrestleMania. That is the largest and most important pay-per-view event in WWE professional wrestling. The Undertaker managed to remain unbeaten for 21 games between 1991 and 2013 at that event. In the end, it was Brock Lesnar who was the first to beat him.

Undertaker: The Last Ride

Although The Undertaker is surrounded by mystery, he gave an unprecedented glimpse into his life in 2017 with the seven-part documentary Undertaker: The Last Ride. In it he talks openly about his passion for professional wrestling.

He really shows the less beautiful side too. During his career, he underwent no fewer than seventeen operations. “Every day something hurts when I wake up. I have metal in my hips, I’m going to limp for the rest of my life and can’t move my head like I used to, ”explains Mark Calaway. “I’m not saying that to feel sorry. I’ve chosen my own path and wouldn’t want to change it, even with all the metal I have in my body today. ”


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