One-piece rear end: First Tesla Model Y with a cast part discovered from the new Giga press

In the middle of ongoing production, Tesla seems to have made a change in the rear section for the frame of the Model Y from its electric car factory in Fremont. CEO Elon Musk had already announced that it would come, but the innovation was not announced by him or Tesla, but discovered by a customer: The rear area of ​​the frame of a Model Y delivered shortly before Christmas consists of only one part. This means that Tesla in Fremont is likely to have put at least one of the two new Giga presses into series operation that was installed there this summer.

Less patchwork than with Tesla Model 3

On the Tesla Model 3, the industry expert Sandy Munro had criticized the fact that its rear frame is pieced together from more than 70 individual parts. With the Model Y, Tesla made great progress right from the start: As Munro discovered during a further dismantling shortly after the start of deliveries in March 2020, the rear frame part of this electric car consisted of only two elements with a connector in between. With Model 3, the patchwork will have to stay that way for the time being, said CEO Musk. For his crossover relatives, however, he announced that he would like to manufacture the rear part completely from a single source in the next step.

Over the summer, the installation of the huge die-casting machines required for this by the Italian manufacturer Idra in Fremont was observed, which the latter calls giga presses. And they have apparently been in use since shortly before the end of the year at the latest. The rear part of his Model Y consists of only one piece, reported the Twitter user @ TonyTesla4Life on Sunday, and published a photo of it.

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According to his information, this was a chance discovery: he had a sensor installed on the rear of his Tesla Model Y, which was delivered on December 23, to open the trunk lid by moving his foot, @ TonyTesla4Life informed us when asked. Apparently, some of the panels in the rear area had to be removed for this. And underneath it could be seen that the connecting piece that Munro had discovered during his early dismantling was missing in the middle of the rear frame.

Model Y from China with a cast front?

Against this background, the first dismantling of Model Y from the Tesla Gigafactory in China should be interesting. Their deliveries are expected to begin in the next few days, and Tesla has also ordered at least three Giga presses for production there, according to a report from November 2020. According to CEO Musk, the plan is also to produce the front frame of the Model Y from one giant cast. That could already be the case with the China version.

Eight of the Giga presses from Italy are planned for the new Gigafactory in Germany – according to observers, the first parts were brought to the construction site as early as December 2020. In September 2020, Tesla manager Evan Horetsky, who was previously responsible for the project (who has since been dismissed), confirmed to that the front frame in Grünheide should definitely also consist of just one element.


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