One price, many opportunities: the ID.4 with a car subscription

Luckily, the days when buying a car was always a huge issue are over. It was about difficult decisions, a lot of money and long ties. And financing and leasing were often at the expense of individual flexibility.

It is completely different with the most modern and contemporary form of a very individual mobility concept: the car subscription, as tens of thousands of people in Germany are already using it very consciously with enthusiasm and a high level of approval. One of the most versatile and exciting offers in this segment comes from Volkswagen Financial Service, VW FS for short | car subscription

The VW FS | car subscription

The fact that car subscriptions are more than just a short-term trend is due to the increasing desire for more flexibility when it comes to cars. This is supported by the VW FS | Car subscription with short contract terms from three months. If the requirements change, the subscription can be adjusted or canceled after the minimum contract period without any problems – like many other subscriptions that have long been established, from cooking boxes to streaming portals to software.

They all have the same basic idea that they only charge for use and service, not the price of ownership. In a car, this is particularly obvious. Practice shows what is actually so annoying: A car subscriber does not have to worry about annoying, sometimes hardly calculable cost blocks such as maintenance, repairs, winter or summer tires, insurance, taxes and dates for the main inspection, which usually have to be taken into account make more. He just drives and almost only takes care of refueling. Or, in the case of a fully electric model such as the Volkswagen ID.4, about charging.

Car subscription instead of car sharing

This rigid cost control may even remind some of sharing models such as community cars. These can also offer advantages: They always score points when mobility is only very sporadically required for a few hours or when there are special requirements. But for everyone who values ​​having their own car, which they can use without restrictions, a solution like the VW FS | Car subscription ideal. As an attractive extra, within the framework of such a subscription, the vehicle class can be easily changed after the minimum contract period.


The VW FS | Car subscription offers the ideal conditions to find out whether an electric car like the VW ID.4 fits into your everyday life
Copyright: Volkswagen

This is ideal for anyone who actually prefers to drive a different, suitable car depending on their destination. In the summer, the camper goes to the beach for a long weekend, while in the winter, an SUV is at the door, which is the perfect choice for a ski weekend. A second car for the family (or a student child) can also be booked temporarily via a car subscription. This model offers reliable and comprehensive solutions for every phase of life, perfectly calculable at a fixed price and at the same time extremely flexible.

This convenient form of use appeals in particular to car lovers. After all, everyone can choose different vehicle classes according to their needs. Only fully tested vehicles are available, either with conventional drives or with electric motors.

What’s in the VW FS | Car subscription included?

The VW FS | Auto Subscription provides access to an extremely attractive, diverse range of models, ranging from small cars to station wagons and minibuses. On request, the vehicles can even be delivered to the front door for a fee, and the scope of the services – such as the amount of the deductible in the event of damage – can be individually selected. This also applies to the mileage: 800 kilometers per month are already included. But this value can also be changed according to your own requirements. It is interesting to look at the required age of the driver. If he or she is at least 19 years old and has had a driver’s license for a year (or longer), nothing stands in the way of a car subscription. In this way, novice drivers can also flexibly test different vehicle classes in a subscription without being tied to a car in the long term.

Does the store work?

A VW FS | Auto Abo the ideal conditions. For example, when it comes to finding out whether an electric car like the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro suits your own individual everyday life as perfectly as you would like. Only in practice does it finally become clear whether there are actually sufficient charging options available, whether charging works quickly enough and whether the range is sufficient for individual requirements.

Charging from five to 80 percent in less than 40 minutes: that’s just one of the many advantages of the VW ID.4
Copyright: Volkswagen

With the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro, the chances of this are excellent. After all, it can travel between 360 and 520 kilometers (WLTP1 – 77 kWh) with one battery charge, which promises a high level of suitability for everyday use. Most journeys that occur in everyday life can be easily completed without recharging on the way. This range is guaranteed by the large “Pro” battery with its net usable 77 kWh, and its fast charging capacity is up to 125 kW. In practice, this means charging from five to 80 percent in less than 40 minutes. Or about half an hour charging time for around 300 kilometers more driving distance – how easy it actually is can be tested in practice with the car subscription without any problems.

E-mobility for families

The Volkswagen ID.4 offers space with an ideal layout, especially for families. Three child seats can be fitted quickly and safely using Isofix, and as a practical SUV and crossover, even tall people will find plenty of space in the five-seater, much more than you would initially expect from its 4.58 meters in length. Even extensive luggage is quickly on board: the 543 liter trunk swallows the bags and suitcases of a family without complaint. With the backrests folded down, the available space even increases to a massive 1575 liters. Getting in is also easy: the large doors offer easy access to all seats. At the front, heated seats ensure pleasant temperatures and comfort on cold winter days.


The ID.4 is an urban SUV with the turning circle of a small car and, thanks to 150 kW/204 hp, gets from zero to 100 in 8.5 seconds
Copyright: Volkswagen

The multimedia equipment of the Volkswagen ID.4 is impressively complete. Its large, free-standing display in the middle of the dashboard serves as the center. Smartphone integration works quickly and perfectly via App Connect – the ID.4 can handle both Android Auto and Apple Car Play. In addition, a total of two USB-C sockets promise the best charging options for mobile devices. With the Discover Pro navigation system and digital radio reception, the ID.4 uses the latest standards, and Volkswagen has also given its ID.4 an extensive collection of assistance systems: An ACC automatic distance control with Stop & Go is on board as well as traffic sign recognition and drowsiness recognition , a speed limiter, a lane departure warning system “Lane Assist” and a parking aid that covers the front and rear areas. The future-oriented car-to-car communication C2X offers a large additional plus in safety. The ID.4 uses it to warn other vehicles that have the same technology of dangers such as traffic jams. Conversely, he is also warned immediately if other vehicles with C2X technology in front of him detect a problem.

As a driver in the ID.4

The Volkswagen ID.4 has additional amenities especially for the driver. He uses a keyless start system, and he also has a leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons and touch controls. With “Eco”, “Comfort”, “Sport” or “Individual” there are four different driving modes to choose from, with which the driver can control the driving behavior according to his needs and wishes. In “Individual” mode, he can even freely choose the settings for steering, drive and some other topics and combine them according to his own wishes. The optical play of the ambient lighting, which allows a selection of 10 colors, is particularly attractive. Incidentally, the Volkswagen ID.4 not only offers the latest lighting technology inside, but also outside: the excellent, standard LED headlights ensure the best light when driving at night.


The interior of the ID.4 is intelligent, spacious and designed with a progressive design concept
Copyright: Volkswagen

Anyone driving the ID.4 for the first time will be impressed by its low noise level and its relaxed, confident and extremely stress-free gliding. With 150 kW/204 hp, the electric SUV easily sprints to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds and is therefore as powerful as its visual appearance promises. Nevertheless, relaxed, harmonious travel is more the preferred driving profile of the Volkswagen ID.4 – it is particularly good at it. This makes it almost perfect for many life situations – and he is happy to prove that to everyone without obligation: in the VW FS | Auto Abo, the Volkswagen ID.4 faces the everyday test without any risk and can be honestly put through its paces.

1 Short for Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure, a globally standardized test procedure for determining fuel consumption and exhaust emissions

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