One-time conversion: This VW Golf 2 is anything but normal

Is your favorite color red? Then we have something for you! On this 1991 VW Golf 2 GL, not only are the paintwork and rims red, many years ago the entire interior was fitted with red leather. The spectacular conversion probably cost a few thousand marks. Now the unique piece is being sold on eBay!

VW Golf 2 GL with wild interior on eBay

A normal VW Golf 2 is not necessarily a car for extroverted people. But this example is anything but normal. A dark red VW Golf 2 GL from 1991 with 245,000 kilometers is offered on eBay. So far, so ordinary. But according to the seller, the five-door Golf is an absolute one-off that was made to a special customer request.
ebay VW Golf 2 Nothelle 5 doors

The color red as far as the eye can see. In the interior of the VW Golf 2 no leather was spared.

What exactly is meant? The interior, of course, where no expense was spared on red leather. Not only have all seats been reupholstered with leather, but also the entire dashboard, the center console, the door panels and the A, B and C pillars. As if that wasn’t enough, a matching dark red carpet was laid.

The renovation must have cost a small fortune

The only parts in the interior that are not red are the dashboard and plastic parts such as air vents, speakers and door handles. Oh yes, and the steering wheel rim did not use red leather – the impact absorber, on the other hand, was not left out. Whoever commissioned this conversion must have invested a lot of money in the Golf to get an absolutely unique car.

Golf with 16-inch Nothelle rims

Compared to the wild interior, the exterior of the Golf is almost plain. The 16-inch Nothelle rims are painted red – of course – and fitted with 2020 tires. A coilover suspension ensures a decent draft. According to the seller, the paint should be original and the Golf unwelded. The rust should be limited, only two smaller spots are known.
ebay VW Golf 2 Nothelle 5 doors

Unfortunately, it is not known how much the conversion once cost and who carried it out. The result is wild.

Less good: The 1.8-liter four-cylinder (RP) with 90 hp and around 245,000 kilometers on the clock is said to cause problems from time to time. How they express themselves and where they come from is unfortunately not mentioned. In addition, a hub cap of the Nothelle wheels is missing. But the seller has at least an unpainted replacement.

There are a few problem spots

The fact that the interior makes a well-kept impression for the high mileage and that some wearing parts such as the starter and exhaust system have already been renewed speak for the 31-year-old Golf. The condition of the automatic transmission is not known. The equipment of the GL, which cost around 24,535 marks at the time, is extensive. In addition to air conditioning, four electric windows and central locking, a Blaupunkt radio was also included GPS retrofitted.

The biggest advantage is of course the uniqueness – with this VW Golf you should be noticed everywhere. The highest bid is currently 2410 euros, the unknown minimum price has not yet been reached. With a bit of luck, a resourceful mechanic can dust off a unique Golf at a low price. Provided he likes the color red!

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