One year of Corona: “We are not better, we have become much better”

For more than a year, the world has been in a state of emergency because of the corona virus. In Austria, the number of infections is rising again, vaccinations are only progressing slowly, and recently there were still doubts about a vaccine.

Christoph Wenisch, Head of Infectious Diseases at the Favoriten Hospital in Vienna, remains optistic. He sees the “big picture” as he’s in the ZiB2 stressed on Thursday.

He could not “rationally understand” the doubts about Astra Zeneca’s vaccine, he had a completely different feeling. Namely, that the vaccines currently available are a “sensation” because they also prevent the virus from being passed on.

Side effects could always occur, says Wenisch, but the assessment by the health authorities is positive. He would recommend the vaccination at any time, or get himself vaccinated again (Wenisch has already done it, as you can read here).

“We are smarter than we were a year ago”

The fact that the coronaviruses have mutated and are now spreading even faster does not seem to sadden the doctor, because: “We are smarter now than we were a year ago. It looks as if the viruses came to stay and we will stand up to them as best we can. “

In addition to vaccines, the continually developed drugs and forms of therapy are of little interest. With this knowledge, deaths were prevented. “We haven’t gotten better. We’ve gotten a lot better,” he emphasized.


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