Onee Chanbara Origin will be released in the West on October 14th

Through D3 Publisher comes the one developed by Tamsoft Onee Chanbara Origin now also in the west. The digital release is scheduled for October 14th for PlayStation 4 and PC-Steam. The PS4 version has been available in Japan since December 4th, 2019. Now there is a localization with English voice output, but the original Japanese voices also make it to us.

Back to the origins of the series

With Onee Chanbara Origin it goes back to the origins of the series. It is a collection of the first two games as an HD remaster. The Onechanbara and The Onechanbara 2 were released for PS2 in Japan in 2004 and 2005. In fact, the first game even made it to Europe as a Zombie Zone, the expanded version of it as Zombie Hunters. The Onechanbara 2 then appeared as Zombie Hunters 2.

The remaster collection follows the story of the two half-sisters Aya and Saki, who have to assert themselves against zombies in a hack ’n slash spectacle. At first enemies, they band together in search of their father. In the fight it is then with the sword and a lot of speed. In addition, the two protagonists can briefly turn into demons. In addition to scarce clothing, the series is also known for a high level of blood and violence.

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via Gematsu, image material: Onee Chanbara Origin, D3 Publisher / Tamsoft


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