OnePlus: smartphone genius and founder Carl Pei leaves the company

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei.

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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei leaves the company surprisingly. The Swedish-Chinese entrepreneur quit his work at the smartphone manufacturer weeks ago and is now devoting himself to new projects. It is not known whether there are other reasons for Pei’s sudden departure.

The news comes as a shock to OnePlus supporters and smartphone fans, as Pei was instrumental in the development of the OnePlus devices and is considered a great hope in the industry. But who is the 31-year-old developer and what makes him so special?

Pei was born in 1989 in the Chinese capital Beijing. Shortly after his birth, his parents left the country with him and went to the United States. A few years later the family moved again and so Pei became a Swedish citizen. This is where the young developer began his bachelor’s degree in Stockholm in 2008, but never completed it, as from 2011 he decided to devote all of his time to work.

He previously worked at Nokia and met his future business partner Pete Lau at the Chinese electronics manufacturer Oppo. Together, the two founded the smartphone manufacturer OnePlus in December 2013.

The billion dollar business with OnePlus

Their first device, the OnePlus One, sold more than a million times in its first year of business, far exceeding the expectations of the two entrepreneurs. Your first destination was the Chinese market. Pei did not expect that her smartphone would develop into a global brand so quickly. But the concept of the latest technology, elegant design and a lower price paid off and the smartphone developed into a serious competitor for Samsung and Apple.

Pei, who himself claims to work up to twelve hours a day, was also inspired by the iPhone as a role model for quality and design, as he said in an interview with The exchange between China and the western market has always been important to him. According to Pei, European manufacturers should focus more on companies from the Middle Kingdom, as processes and progress are much faster than in the rest of the world. That’s why he set up an exchange program for Swedish developers who visit several Chinese companies in the course of this.

Now Pei is leaving his billionaire company and leaves a large gap in the management, which his partner Lau has to fill alone for the time being. The last smartphone he worked on was the OnePlus Nord, which has been praised by experts.

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