Online adventure Age of Water takes place in a post-apocalyptic water world

Gaijin Entertainment has the new online adventure together with Three Whales Studio Age of Water revealed. Age of Water takes place in a post-apocalyptic water world. It will be available for PCs and you can already register for a first alpha test.

Age of Water tells the story of a distant future in which the earth has transformed into an oceanic world. The residents live in cities built on top of the still habitable ruins over water, like the roofs of skyscrapers and giant statues. Players take control of a motorboat and travel back and forth between settlements, fighting pirates and digging up the remains of a lost civilization from the depths of the ocean, transporting valuable goods and trying to find out whether the mythical mainland still exists.

“We believe that the friendly, bright visual style of Age of Water, along with the unusual setting and freedom of exploration, will appeal to players who love exploring new worlds,” said Yuri Miroshnikov, producer of Age of Water.

Images: Age of Water, Gaijin Entertainment, Three Whales Studio


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