Only 30,000 refunds despite massive problems

Cyberpunk 2077 started in December 2020 – with a disaster. The video game was bugged on all platforms. The complaints were so massive that Microsoft and Sony kicked the game out of their consoles’ online stores. Sony has not taken it up again to this day.

Despite the criticism from gamers, industry observers and the media, the development studio CD Projekt Red is celebrating the game as a great success. As the Polish company announced, 13.7 million copies of Cyberpunk 2077 have been sold.

Few refunds

Due to the many complaints, CD Projekt Red had offered customers to withdraw the game. According to the development studio, this offer has only been accepted 30,000 times. The refund program cost CD Projekt Red around $ 2.17 million – in fiscal 2020, it raised $ 560 million.

According to CD Projekt Red, 95 percent of the refunds have been processed so far. For some it takes longer because the banking systems in some countries are more complex.

Corrupted number

In online forums, CD Projekt Red is accused of deliberately making the return difficult. That would have deterred many players from claiming the refund. In addition, the 30,000 copies apparently do not include the refunds Microsoft and Sony made to affected players who bought the game in the console stores.

According to CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077 will be followed. The overdue versions of the game that are optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S are slated to appear this year. DLC game packs and a multiplayer mode are also on the to-do list.


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