Only EUR 14.99 for the unlimited tariff that can be canceled monthly – last chance

With this cell phone tariff, you can surf and stream as much as you want – for just EUR 14.99 a month! The offer ends today.

The tariff cracker from Mobilcom-Debitel is only available on this special order page and only today. The cell phone tariff includes

unlimited data volume

a telephony and SMS flat rate and you can

cancel monthly

– and that for

just 14.99 euros per month

! By the way: The same tariff costs significantly more directly with O2 at 39.99 euros (but with 5G)! The offer is valid this week

Promotion ends on Friday March 25 at 11:59 p.m


To the offer: Unlimited LTE data volume for only 14.99 euros (cancellable monthly)

The tariff data at a glance:

  • Provider: Mobilcom Debitel

  • Tariff basis: O2 Free Unlimited Smart

  • Network: O2

  • Unlimited LTE data volume (10 Mbit/s)

  • Telephone flatrate

  • SMS flat

  • VoLTE & WiFi calling

  • Minimum contract term: 1 month

  • Monthly price: 14.99 euros

    (for 24 months)

  • Connection fee 39.99 euros

To the offer: Unlimited LTE data volume for only 14.99 euros (cancellable monthly)

The conditions are extraordinarily good for a mobile phone tariff that offers unlimited data volume. A small drop of bitterness, which is basically not one: the speed is 10 Mbit/s. In practice, however, you won’t feel much of a difference compared to faster tariffs. You can also stream videos in HD quality, stream music and use UHD quality and all social media apps, as well as use the plan as a hotspot for another device.

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