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Only losers in gripping “Atlantis” | Movie

Blacker than the future vision of Atlantis you won’t find it soon. Director Valentyn Vasyanovych opens his film with two ex-soldiers who are still suffering from war trauma. After one of the men commits suicide in a gruesome manner, the other comes into contact with an organization that is recovering the bodies of killed soldiers. As he tours the country with an archaeologist, it becomes increasingly clear what toll independence has taken.

Smoking havoc

Vasyanovych impressively portrays this devastation. Thanks to minute-long static shots, viewers are forced to absorb everything. From smoking havoc to the autopsy of a decomposing sniper. When a muddy mass grave is cleared, the almost unrecognizable bodies of Russians and Ukrainians are criss-crossed.

There are only losers here, makes Atlantis in a confrontational and merciless way. In the meantime, the two survivors prove that there is still some humanity left. A very last bit of tenderness, which only makes this story more tragic.



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