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‘Only sell corona self-tests if the packaging is good’

A cotton swab in the package that is too long, an unclear instructions for use … No, the corona self tests are not too bad to write home about and that has consequences.

Corona self tests can only be sold if the packaging and leaflets are in order. That says the Health and Youth Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health in a report today. The inspectorate receives complaints from users who have purchased incorrectly packaged tests.

Too long cotton swab in self-test

For example, some tests had a cotton swab that was too long. The instructions for use for some tests are also too unclear. After a few trial purchases, the inspection found that none of the package inserts give the mandatory health warning.

People without symptoms can test themselves with a test available at the supermarket or pharmacy. If you do have complaints, you must have a PCR test done at the GGD. The self-tests are often confused with rapid tests. That is dangerous, says the inspection; only healthcare workers can perform the rapid tests. These are more reliable than the self-tests.

Self-tests from six suppliers were rapidly launched in the course of April. The tests would under normal circumstances be extensively investigated, but due to the exceptional situation of the corona pandemic, the suppliers were granted a temporary exemption.

Manufacturers corona self-testing

The manufacturers supply the tests in bulk packaging that the stores have to ‘repackage’. That does not always go well, says the inspection that made trial purchases at a number of drugstores, supermarkets and pharmacies. In addition, a wrong cotton swab was included in four of the fifteen tests examined.

Missing package insert

The instructions for use are also not always clear. There is no mandatory warning in all package inserts that the user must not make a medical decision without consulting a doctor. Six products lack the word self-test on the outer packaging. In eleven self-tests, no expiry date is stated on the outer packaging. Just as often there is insufficient information for the consumer to be able to properly check whether the correct parts have been delivered.

Illegal self-testing

Earlier this week it became clear that there are also illegal self-tests on the market, without exemption. That is why the Inspectorate recommends that there be a clear overview of the tests that have been granted exemption.

The Central Bureau of Drugstore Companies (CBD) has announced that it recognizes itself in the findings of the inspection. According to the trade association, the self-tests came onto the market quickly and demand was high. Manufacturers also did not always provide the correct packaging and information.

The #self-tests are also alive on social media. For some it is food for fun, others distrust it.

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‘Only sell corona self-tests if the packaging is good’


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