Only sold ten times? LG OLED R reportedly flopped in South Korea

LG's rollable OLED TV is said to have hardly sold.
LG’s rollable OLED TV is said to have hardly sold.

LG has released a rollable TV with its OLED R. However, the sales figures are expected to fall short of expectations.

LG has brought a special television onto the market with its OLED R and RX. Because with this TV it behaves in such a way that the screen can be rolled up. The device was presented at the beginning of 2019 at the CES in Las Vegas, but then shifted several times. In the end, the TV came on the market at a higher price: In South Korea they wanted the equivalent of 74,500 euros for the TV.

That is a proud sum for the privilege of using the first rollable OLED TV, which is of course an eye-catcher due to its design, but does not aim to set new standards in terms of image quality. Apparently, the LG OLED R then found only a few buyers, at least in South Korea. Just ten (!) Copies of the television had wandered over the counter there.

LG itself did not want to deny or confirm this information. Analysts warn, however, to look at the alleged sales figures in relation to each other. Accordingly, LG may be disappointed, but will never have expected to be able to sell its roll-up OLED in large quantities. It was a prestige object that was supposed to show what was technologically possible. A broad mass cannot be reached with it.

LG OLED R can be compared to current micro LED TVs

In this regard, LG’s OLED R can perhaps be compared a little with current micro-LED televisions from Samsung, for example. Even those change hands at exorbitant prices and are once more “proof-of-concept” models. However, a broad mass will only be reached later when the production costs and thus the sales prices fall.

LG is currently also working on a different concept for a retractable OLED TV, which would probably be cheaper to manufacture. The susceptibility to damage would also be lower, since the TV no longer has to be flexible. So maybe this is the better way to attract customers looking for a design like this?


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