“Only symbolism”: Carinthia does not start vaccinating until January

Controversy. In eight federal states, including Burgenland, more or less symbolic Covid vaccinations began on Sunday. But not in Carinthia: The state government emphasized in a broadcast that it had deliberately decided against the symbolic initial vaccination proposed by the federal government, as only “five to ten vaccination doses” were available for the start of vaccination on Sunday.

The spokesman for Carinthia’s governor, Peter Kaiser, told KURIER that the state’s vaccination commission had spoken out against starting vaccinations this Sunday because it was foreseeable at the meeting on December 22nd that only a few vaccine doses had been sent to the southernmost state would be.

However, there was a video conference at the invitation of the Federal Chancellery one day later: A spokesman for Chancellor Kurz confirmed that each federal state had been promised “up to 975 vaccination doses”.

How many vaccination doses would actually have been brought to Carinthia by army helicopters could not be determined on Sunday. However, the state government told the KURIER that the population would only be vaccinated against the corona virus from January 5th.


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