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Only the three p’s in the pot and nothing else!

No tampons, no fat from your frying pan, no old soup full of balls. No, on World Toilet Day only the three p’s go into the pot: poo, pee and (toilet) paper.

But of course that applies to every day, only today extra attention is paid to it on World Toilet Day. Apparently this is necessary because we “flush everything down the toilet”. Subway already went with men from Waternet into the Amsterdam sewer and came to the craziest discoveries. The gentlemen find everything outside the three p’s in that sewer. The latest phenomenon in corona time: mouth masks. The Waternet men had a message as clear as it was simple (and small or large): “Just throw it in the trash.”

World Toilet Day

Anyway, World Toilet Day, picked up in our country by the joint water boards. “What can the Dutch do for clean water?” Is the question they want to answer on this very important toilet day of the toilet days.

On this day, worldwide attention is drawn to good sanitation. Everyone can contribute to clean water, also in the Netherlands. The water boards are calling for only ‘the three ps’ to be flushed down the toilet: poo, pee and paper.

With the Waterbazen campaign, the water boards thank all Dutch people who already contribute to clean and sufficient water. For example, by not flushing damp cloths, tampons, paint, chemicals, medicines or cooking oil down the toilet or sink. These materials are difficult to purify from sewage water and can cause blockages in the sewage system or pumping stations.

Sewage treatment plants

In the Netherlands, municipalities are responsible for the sewerage system and water boards for purifying sewage water. The water that is flushed away via sinks, shower drains and toilets eventually ends up in a total of 318 sewage treatment plants. Every year, the water boards purify almost two billion cubic meters of sewage water, so that it can be returned to the rivers. The water boards also recover energy and raw materials from the sewage water, such as phosphate, cellulose, bioplastic and biomass, as well as purified water for reuse.

Worldwide attention toilet

Supported by the United Nations, on World Toilet Day attention is drawn to good sanitation. Worldwide, 2.4 billion people do not have normal sanitation facilities. Every year 800,000 young children die from diarrhea. That is 2,200 children per day, about 70 full school classes.

Do you want tips on how to contribute to clean and sufficient water? Look over there and become a real “water boss”.

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World Toilet Day: Only the three p’s in the bowl and nothing else!


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