Only today: 15 GB Vodafone tariff with 60 euros starting credit

The popular Vodafone CallYa prepaid tariff with 15 GB data volume and 5G use is currently available free of charge for 3 months. From the fourth month, the tariff costs 20 euros. You can cancel monthly.

Summer promotion only until August 8th!

At Vodafone you get the popular prepaid tariff CallYa Digital with a telephone and SMS flat rate and 15 GB of data volume

3 months free

. After that, the mobile phone tariff costs 20 euros per month, and you can cancel at any time (the term is 4 weeks). Use of the 5G network is included. The promotion runs until 08.08.22.

Click here for the tariff: 15 GB volume & 5G from 0 euros per month

And this is how you get the bonus from Vodafone

With the coupon code:


60 euros starting credit will be credited to your account. Enter the code in the order form. If you bring the phone number of your old provider with you, you will receive an additional 10 euro bonus on top.

With the tariff you get

Telephone flat rate, SMS flat rate, 15 GB data volume and use of the fast 5G network from Vodafone at an unbeatable price.

And since it’s a prepaid plan, you have

no contractual minimum term.

If you don’t want to use your prepaid card for some time, you can use the tariff for up to 15 months


During this time you will remain available and will continue to receive all calls.

Summer promotion: 15 GB Callya free trial for 3 months

CallYa: Telephone & SMS flat rate, 15 GB, 5G, no minimum term – only 20 euros

CallYa: Telephone & SMS flat rate, 15 GB, 5G, no minimum term - only 20 euros

© Vodafone

Vodafone prepaid tariff for only

20 euros per month and no connection fee. Without minimum duration.

Now with a whopping 15 GB data volume and free 5G use (instead of previously bookable for 2.99 euros).

+ telephone flat rate

+ SMS flat rate + 15 GB data volume with up to 500 Mbit/s

+ surf the fast 5G network + EU roaming included

+ no minimum term

Vodafone CallYa: Test 15 GB and 5G now for 3 months free of charge

All details about the CallYa package from Vodafone at a glance:

  • Network: Vodafone

  • Tariff: CallYa Digital

  • Data volume: 15 GB with LTE/5G up to 500 Mbit/s

  • Telephone & SMS flat rate in all German networks

  • Surfing the 4G|LTE Max and

    5G network

  • EU roaming included

  • 60 euros starting credit = 3 months free of charge

  • 10 euros additional starting credit when you take your phone number with you

  • Monthly fee from the 4th month: 20 euros

  • Connection fee: 0 euros

  • Duration: 4 weeks, since prepaid tariff

  • Voucher code: sommer60

There is more information about the tariff here.

The tariff gives you an LTE/5G data volume of 15 GB with download speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s in the fast Vodafone network. In other words, sufficient data volume to use various services such as music and video streaming and also to make larger downloads on the go. Furthermore, you get a telephony and SMS flat rate and are not tied to a contract for long – you can cancel CallYa monthly.

Please note:

When your 15 GB of data is fully used, continue surfing at a slow 32 kbps.

Vodafone Callya: 15 GB and flat rate with starting bonus

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