Only today: Up to 15 percent on almost everything at Media Markt and Saturn

Update: As is so often the case with some articles, Amazon is also involved, especially with hardware. The Nintendo Switch Lite you get z. B. also on Amazon for 197.77 euros *. More attractive counterattacks from Amazon:

Original article:

Today is Singles Day, another welcome opportunity for retailers to generate as much sales as possible in the run-up to Christmas. The day is by no means an invention of trade. Singles Day has its origins at a Chinese university, where students celebrated singles. Ex-students continued to party after their studies, the day gained popularity and finally the trade also picked it up.

That was interesting, but it doesn’t bring any percentage. You can find them today at Media Markt and Saturn. 11 percent on almost the entire range are waiting for you – including of course the category Video games. Individual items are even discounted at 15 percent, including IT accessories and Samsung smartphones.

However, the promotion is subject to the condition that you are the holder of the Saturn Card * or the Club Card at Media Markt *. The programs are free. You benefit from digital receipts, longer exchange periods, financing and at Saturn you can even increase your level, dear JRPG fans. Don’t worry, you won’t get any matches by email. You will receive the discount in the order process.

Highlight in the run-up to Christmas: the Nintendo Switch for 283.80 euros * or the Switch Lite for 179.78 euros *. Only a few categories are excluded from the promotion, such as Apple products, pre-order items and digital items.

Have fun browsing!


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