Only until Tuesday: 7 GB LTE mobile phone tariff for 6.99 euros per month

The online provider is offering a top mobile phone tariff at the best price for a short time. 7 GB LTE for 6.99 euros and can be canceled monthly.

Only until 26.04.22 11 a.m.!

The online provider includes a mobile phone tariff

7 GB data volume for only 6.99 euros

monthly fee on offer. In addition to the Internet flat rate, the tariff includes a telephony flat rate in all networks, an SMS flat rate and a flat rate for calls and data usage in other EU countries. In addition, the tariff

monthly cancellable


To the offer: 7 GB LTE Allnet Flat for 6.99 euros

How good is the offer? usually offers the tariff with only 3 GB at a price of 7.99 euros. You now pay less for significantly more data volume. If you are looking for a comparable tariff directly from O2, it is much more expensive: the O2 Free S Boost Flex from O2 with 6 GB of data volume currently costs EUR 24.99 per month. In addition, there is a connection fee of EUR 39.99 compared to EUR 19.99 at (only applies to the monthly cancellable version). With O2, however, you also get higher surfing speeds of up to 225 Mbit/s LTE.

Even if you look at other providers, the current offer from is the best, as you can see in the tariff comparison.

The data of the tariff offer at a glance:

  • Provider:

  • Network: O2

  • Data volume: 7 GB with LTE up to 50 Mbit/s

  • Flat rate telephony & SMS

  • Flat EU roaming

  • Basic fee per month: 6.99 euros

  • Options: Can be canceled monthly or 24 months

  • Connection fee (24 months term): 0 euros

  • Connection fee (cancellable monthly): 19.99 euros

  • Automatic data: yes, but can be deactivated

  • Simple phone number portability from the previous provider

To the offer: 7 GB LTE Allnet Flat for 6.99 euros

For which users is 7 GB suitable?

7 GB is absolutely sufficient if you surf a lot with your smartphone or download pictures on the go. Apps like Google Maps, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Co can also be used without hesitation. Anyone who streams music on the go and watches a film or series from time to time should easily get by with the 7 GB. For users who often want to watch films on their smartphones or who, for example, travel a lot by train and have to work on the go, we recommend a tariff with a higher data volume. Here currently has a super offer with 20 GB:

20 GB LTE Allnet Flat for 14.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros

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