Opel and Peugeot’s new infotainment system is being developed by Amazon

the Stellantis Group gets with Amazon powerful support for his new generation of infotainment. That was done by Amazon in the course of the CES in Las Vegas proclaimed. The digital platform should millions of vehicles in the future Giving access to state-of-the-art features. Opel, Peugeot and Fiat will also benefit from this cooperation in the future as part of the Stellantis Group.

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In co-operation with


First Google, now Amazon. The search engine service was supposed to work on the new infotainment together with Stellantis, but nothing came of the collaboration and so the automotive group had to look for one new partner look around. The choice fell on Amazon and here specifically AWS (Amazon Web Services), Amazon Devices and Amazon Last Mile. Together the new “STLA Smart Cockpit” emerge, a scalable and over-the-air updateable operating system with Alexa as voice control.

Modern infotainment with cloud connection

away 2024 the system should bring the digital life of the occupants seamlessly into the vehicles and even be able to offer payment services. For this purpose, Amazon supplies software that is to be specially tailored to the needs of the automotive sector. Stellantis retains the freedom to decide which features really make it into the vehicles and how the surface should be operated. In addition, the system should learn from its users and thus make individual suggestions for operation. Opel customers will therefore be offered different menu items when driving than Jeep drivers in the field. Different apps should be able to be downloaded from their own store and thus allow more customization. Cloud services also play a central role in the new system.

Amazon computers help with vehicle development

But not only infotainment will be further developed with the help of Amazon in the future, also the Engineers in vehicle development benefit from the computing capacities in the USA. Under the name “Virtual Engineering Workbench” (virtual development workbench), automated work processes are to be created and the development teams to contribute High performance simulations and tests support. Engineers from various fields are already relying on the Amazon data centers.

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