Opel boss calls: car dealerships and vaccinate workers!

The German car manufacturer Opel, which belongs to the Stellantis super group, reports another million operating profit despite Corona. There were 527 million in 2020, over 400 million in the second half of the year alone, even more than in the same period in 2019. Every Opel employee receives – for the second time since 1997 – a voluntary bonus of 500 euros in April.

Michael Lohscheller to AUTO BILD: “I’m happy about the numbers. But I think that the dealerships are still closed is wrong and problematic. What I also find important: We can and want to vaccinate our employees at Opel as soon as possible. We want to Vaccinate free of charge, we have a team of company doctors, if vaccine were available, we could vaccinate 500 people a day against corona. We are an international group, in other countries like the USA we have come a long way. Of course, we also want to be strict adhere to the prescribed sequence of vaccinations. “

Used Opel with warranty in the AUTO BILD used car market

Lohscheller does not see the danger that Opel could go under in the Stellantis group (Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat-Chrysler), as some experts predict. “Our voice is heard in the group, for us this connection has more opportunities than risks. I see the illicit view as an extra incentive.”
What was the profit?

The Opel boss: “Three reasons: The new Corsa is the best-selling small car in Germany. We sold almost 35,000 electrified cars in 2020 – more than ever before. Of course, the innovation bonus also helps. We have optimized our sales and of course we have also made savings wherever possible, improving our efficiency so that it is now a role model for others. “

What is still missing, says Lohscheller: “The charging infrastructure has to improve fundamentally. I can charge at home and here at the plant, but not everyone who would switch to an electric car can do that. We still have to do that in Germany improve.”


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