Opel Corsa Facelift (2021) with the current brand face

The current Corsa F is still quite fresh, but of course Opel is already working on a facelift. Visually, the people of Rüsselsheim should give the small car theirs current brand face with the so-called “Vizor” treat. The grill then probably goes directly into the headlights with a revised signature, as with other current models. New aprons on the front and back would complete the look. How Opel designed the interior, on the other hand, is still unclear. The structure may remain the same, but the base’s infotainment screen, which is quite small at five inches, could grow. A digital cockpit is already available for the higher equipment. Perhaps you will also decide to redesign the display landscape and combine everything into one, following the example of Mocca and Grandland Widescreen variant together. The air conditioning and important infotainment functions should still be operated using buttons.

Market launch could be in 2023, prices are unlikely to change much

The engines are unlikely to change that much. After all, the brand plans to only sell electric cars with us from 2028. The existing three-cylinder petrol and four-cylinder diesel could be revised in detail, in terms of performance, it will probably remain at 75 to 130 hp. The fully electric version, the Corsa-e, is of course back in the program according to the strategy. Here, too, the performance should remain at 136 PS, and no major changes are to be expected in the range (currently 330 kilometers according to WLTP). The 50 kWh battery already has an acceptable charging time: it takes 30 minutes on a fast charger to fill it again to 80 percent. Maybe we can still get a few minutes out of here. The market launch for the facelift of the Corsa should be in 2023. The prices could then move back at the same level, currently they start at 14,990 euros (As of October 2021).

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