Opel Grandland Facelift (2021): new front and digital copckpit

Opel Grandland prices are likely to remain at the same level

Opel is lifting its currently largest SUV. With the facelift, the Grandland does without the suffix “X”, which the Rüsselsheim-based company has already deleted from the little brothers Crossland and Mokka. These are where the Grandland visually approaches, the facelift thus clearly stands out from its predecessor. The first vehicles should be in Late autumn 2021 roll to their new owners. Prices are unlikely to rise. The SUV is currently available from 28,440 euros.

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Largest Opel SUV gets the current brand face with “Vizor” grill

Sometimes only connoisseurs can identify a facelift. This is different with the revised Opel Grandland: The entire front has been visibly revised. With the current brand face, the relationship to mocha is now clear again. In addition, the SUV has, among other things, the current “Vizor” grill, which is narrower than its predecessor, but extends to the new headlights with optional matrix LED light. A chrome frame combines the lighting units and the grill into one unit. Directly underneath there is a narrow, horizontal air slot, to which the upper part of the new, also slot-shaped side air inlets are attached. The large, middle recess for ventilation is limited at the bottom by a more delicate, silver-colored element. With the facelift, the robust plastic paneling will also disappear: the sills, wheel arches and bumpers are now in the same color as the car.
Opel Grandland Hybrid

At the rear, the model name is now placed in the middle under the Opel lightning bolt – the Grandland follows the trend.

New interior with fully digital cockpit

The Opel also made a big leap in the interior, thanks in particular to the two widescreen displays. This element also comes from mocha. The driver looks on Up to twelve inch digital cockpit, the central screen measures up to ten inches depending on the equipment. Nevertheless, the Grandland does not say goodbye to its buttons, which, incidentally, are arranged exactly as on the predecessor and, for example, control the air conditioning or important infotainment functions. The software has been brought up to date, supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto and the top version is also online so that, for example, traffic jam information can be output in real time. In this case, the smartphone can also be charged wirelessly.
Opel Grandland Hybrid !!! BLOCKING PERIOD UNTIL June 9, 00:01 AM !!!

The interior looks much more modern thanks to the new displays, which optically form a widescreen.

Of course, there are also ergonomic seats for the driver and front passenger that have been awarded by the “Aktion Gesunderback” association for the facelift. They can be adjusted in many ways, can be heated and, in conjunction with the leather interior, are also ventilated.

The Grandland is the first Opel with a night vision system

An assistance system is celebrating its Opel premiere in the Grandland: Das “Night Vision” called Night vision system detects by infrared camera up to 100 meters people or animalsthat are in front of the car; it warns the driver and shows their position on the display. With the revision, the front collision warning is standard. This package includes features such as automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane keeping assistant, traffic sign and drowsiness detection plus a cruise control system. For cars with automatic transmissions, the system can be supplemented by a speed assistant and thus autonomously follow another vehicle at a preselected speed. The Grandland brakes independently and starts up again.
Opel Grandland Hybrid

For the facelift there is of course the optional two-tone paintwork with a separate roof.

The Opel Grandland will again be available as a plug-in hybrid

The revamped Grandland can choose between two pure combustion engines and two plug-in hybrids as engines. Currently there are a petrol engine with 130 hp, a 130 hp diesel and two hybrids with a plug. In both cases, the combustion engine is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine. The system output of the weaker system is 224 hp, the more powerful plug-in hybrid has one electric motor per axle and thus all-wheel drive; he brings it to 300 hp. Both are equipped with a 13.2 kWh battery, which, depending on the engine and equipment, enables an electric range of 55 to 59 kilometers (according to WLTP).

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