Opel has to cancel hundreds of orders for the Mokka-e

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Michael Lohscheller, head of Opel, had a plan to make the car manufacturer from Rüsselsheim more popular again and to expand its market share of just 3.9 percent in Europe, reports the “Handelsblatt”. In order to achieve this goal, he made it clear in an internal circular to his employees in August 2020: “To do this, we have to bring the most important car of the past few years to customers perfectly: the launch of the new Mocha has to be right”. This launch was intended to usher in the future of Opel – “no more and no less,” Lohscheller emphasized.

Production capacities for the entire year 2021 are already fully utilized

The new Opel Mokka has been on sale since the end of September. The first cars are to be delivered in March 2021. However, there are now delivery problems with the fully electric version of the model. The demand for the Mocha-e is so great that production capacities are already being used for the entire year 2021, according to corporate and dealer circles. “Some variants of the Mokka-e are already sold out in the current model year until September 2021,” Opel confirmed to the “Handelsblatt”. Other equipment lines of the Mokka-e as well as the gasoline and diesel variants can still be ordered.

Opel has to cancel hundreds of orders for the Mokka-e

The car manufacturer from Rüsselsheim even has to terminate contracts that have already been concluded with hundreds of customers. In a letter to a buyer of the Mokka-e it is said that his order “had to be canceled due to this current overbooking”, reports the “Handelsblatt”. Opel could no longer deliver the ordered model this year. Even at a later point in time, no delivery date is currently foreseeable.

From corporate circles it is said that they are happy to finally be able to offer a model again after years of decline in sales, reports the “Handelsblatt”. However, the fact that the Mocha-e cannot be supplied to the desired extent is bitter. Opel tries in vain to offer customers other models as alternatives, such as the small electric car Corsa-e with the best equipment at a low price. However, many customers do not accept the offer, they neither want to wait an indefinitely long time for the Mokka-e nor switch to another Opel model, according to the “Handelsblatt”.



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