Opel Omega Caravan 2.0 16V: Bargain for connoisseurs

The loadmaster Opel omega B. Caravan you can hardly see them on the street anymore. No wonder, because affordable space giants like the big Opel often had to work hard in their first life and were often used up. the manageable quality Rust prevention at Opel in the 90s did the rest to improve the Duration to decimate. It is also a pity, because the Omega not only knew its drivers a lot place, but also with its rich, binding Driving experience to convince.
There you can OpelConnoisseur and –Lover happy that at eBay just an Opel Omega Caravan B1 2.0 16V is offered for sale. Of the golden Kombi is from the year 1997 and should just once 2299 euros costs. The state seems orderly to be. But it also becomes clear that the Opel is still care needs. A possible one bargain for connoisseurs?

Opel Omega B Caravan 2.0 16V on eBay

eBay Opel Omega B Caravan

At first glance, the car looks neat and tidy.

The Omega comes from an Opel rescue service!

The seller writes at the beginning of the Ad textthat the car is made of a rescue originates. This is not elaborated on, but it probably means that the Omega was originally supposed to either be scrapped or exported. Both variants inevitably result in ask the provider exactly about the circumstances. Because it should be relative locked out be that the Opel is in one flawless State is located. It goes with the fact that the ad text closes with the words “only for connoisseurs and enthusiasts”.
The photos show an Omega caravan in one Statewho definitely useful could be. At first glance, the car looks both inside and out clean and orderly. It comes with a removable one trailer hitch and Alloy wheels. There’s a at the stern Bumper mounted that is not painted in body color. The reason you should definitely ask. Was there any rear damage? Some care has apparently already been given to the Omega recently. The display lists new parts: Heating radiator, Water cooler, Timing belt, Downpipe with Kat, in addition Reversing lever, Headlights and yellow Turn signal bulbs rear. the brake the current owner refers to as as good as new. As a defect, a broken Door strap called. A suitable one Spare part with Reinforcement plate for the driver’s door for self-installation, however, apparently belongs to the sales volume.
eBay Opel Omega B Caravan

The Omega has apparently already received some care recently.

Of course: the Omega has to be looked at closely

Sure this Opel before buying extensively checked must become. the quality news in advance: The Omega B rusts basically fewer violent than its predecessor Omega A. Nevertheless, the brown plague can nibble on this Rüsselsheimer, on the lower edges of the doors, under the Window molding strips, on wheel arches and cases and, for the caravan, on the Tailgate. Here comes one selection the mostimportant Omega B checkpoints: The Seats got through relatively quickly. On vehicles like this one with more than 100,000 kilometers on the clock, the scrolls through the cockpit times the white paint from the switches. the Exhaust system was already considered to be unsustainable when the Opel was sold. the steering had the reputation that their joints were not sufficiently dimensioned for the weight of the vehicle. Furthermore, the Rear lighting and the indicator be tested. If you want to be on the safe side, you can finally check the tightness of the Fuel line take a look.

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