Opel Rocks-e (2021): the electric car for the moped driver’s license

Opel builds on Sustainable Urban Mobility, SUM for short. In other words: urban mobility should become sustainable. The Rocks-e implements the concept with compact dimensions, an electric drive and low consumption. Because it is legally not a car, the Rocks-e can be driven from the age of 15. All you need is the so-called AM class moped driving license. costs for Car insurance or TÜV are therefore omitted. That saves money.

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox

Vattenfall wallbox + green electricity

The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo ™ for 499 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

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The maximum speed required by law is 45 km / h – this is easy on the nerves. Identical to the Citroën Ami, Opel has so far kept a low profile in terms of price and the start of orders. It will cost 7990 euros, from now on orderable. AUTO BILD shows what the Opel Rocks-e can do!

Length: 2410 mm
Broad: 1390 mm
Height: 1520 mm
Wheelbase: 1730 mm
Trunk volume: 63 l

The Opel from the online shop

Opel’s City Blitz is supposed to are available from selected dealers, but are mainly sold online – this concept serves the digital habits of the intended target group, which mainly consists of young people (15 to 18 year olds), commuters and trend seekers. So does Citroën with the identical Ami. There is that in France for good 20 euros per month – in leasing. Opel has not yet revealed the exact prices for the Rocks-e.

Opel Rocks-e

Small and nice from Rüsselsheim: The Opel Rocks-e comes with zigzag doors with a wow factor.

Opel Rocks-e with controversial design language

Up front is the Rocks-e with its own version of the Opel Vizor designs in appearance, so he wears the current brand face. As standard, the headlights at the front and rear light up with energy-saving light-emitting diodes, and the indicators are also included LED technology equipped. The outer skin of the small electric vehicle is made entirely of Plastic panels, which are mounted on a steel lattice frame. Many of them are used several times as identical parts. For example, the two doors are identical, and the front and rear aprons are also the same. This lowers the production and acquisition costs and shapes the cubic design. as iconic apply already now the doors that open in opposite directions. While the driver’s door hits the back, the front passenger door opens normally. Rocks-e drivers are sure to have the wow factor in parking lots!

Battery capacity: 5.5 kWh
Range (WLTP): 75 km
Power: 6 kW (8 PS)
Consumption: 11.9 kWh / 100 km
Turning circle: 7.2 m

Form and function determine the interior

Tiny on the outside, spacious on the inside: that’s Rocks-e-reality. Even the 1.83-meter editor can easily fit a smartphone between the head and the headliner – upright! Of the inner space houses with ease Two people, a Suitcase and a sports bag. The driver and front passenger sit slightly offset. There is space for a bag behind the driver’s seat; as the front passenger sits further back, there is plenty of space in his footwell. The “Tekno” and “Klub” variants offer amenities such as yellow accents on the inside and outside as well as luggage nets.

Opel Rocks-e

Bright to cloudy: the panoramic glass roof is part of the standard equipment.

The front and rear windows are almost vertical, the lack of overhangs and slim pillars maximize the all-round view. Removable storage compartments zwipe the windscreen and steering wheel and a large hook for shopping bags continue the functional approach. Dispensing with air conditioning and infotainment, Opel has given the Rocks-e a mobile phone holder USB port as well as a Bluetooth box (optional). This disappears behind the steering wheel in its own recess. Instead of the air conditioning, you use the windows, and there is one as standard for the cold days heater. The Rocks-e-Pilot receives the most important driving information on the digital display.

A few kilometers more range would help

With 8 kW pulls the Electric motor on the front wheels and accelerates the electric vehicle up to 45 km / h. the Range is according to the WLTP 75 km, probably less in real terms. This is a downer for the electric cube. An outpatient nurse covers an average of 80 kilometers a day – it remains questionable whether the Rocks-e will become a combustion alternative. On the other hand, the turning circle of 7.2 m is a pound, which is just as tiny as the Smart fortwo. The driving modes (forward, neutral, backward) can be set by pressing a button on the left of the driver’s seat.
Is the battery pack (5.5 kWh) empty once, loads the Rocks-e within from 3.5 hours completely fully. A three-meter charging cable with a Schuko plug is integrated into the passenger side wall as standard. Thanks to the cable routing on the door lock, the power line reaches the outside without kinks, and the vehicle can be locked while charging.

The market launch and price of the Opel Rocks-e are still a secret

The Rocks-e can be ordered online at the end of 2021, and it will also be available at dealerships later. An exact start of sales is still a long way off. Leasing rates kick off probably from 20 euros. The purchase price is at least 7990 euros. It is still unclear whether there will also be a car subscription. The Rocks-e does not appear in the catalog of eligible vehicles. For orientation: the French competitor for light vehicles – Aixam – starts the electric Aixam eCity Pack at 12,999 euros; the Aixam minauto (with touchscreen and rear view camera) costs 9,470 euros as a combustion engine.

Technical specifications

Opel Rocks-e ● L / W / H: 2410 mm / 1390 mm / 1520 mm ● wheelbase: 1730 mm ● electric motor ● front wheel drive ● power: 6 kW (8 PS) ● maximum torque: 40 Nm ● top speed: 45 km / h ● Range (WLTP): 75 km ● Price: from 7990 euros
Participation in the trip was supported by Opel Automobile GmbH. You can find our standards of transparency and journalistic independence at

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