Open source addons for the Total Commander

Encrypted connection, read out hidden photo data, create your own batch packages – these free plugins make Total Commander even more powerful.

Total Commander is the most popular file manager among PC-WELT readers and, after Exact Audio Copy, the most frequently downloaded program in our download archive. He can record well over a million downloads on alone! But many Total Commander users don’t know that the file manager from Switzerland can be made even better with free extensions. Many of these addons – referred to as plugins by the Total Commander creator – are even open source. We have collected the open source plugins for Total Commander in a download gallery, which were created by the developers of the popular file manager themselves.

Quite a few of these plugins are almost a must – for example SFTP if you often deal with FTP servers. Or Exif if you like taking photos. MP3 collectors cannot avoid id3 and possibly MakeBAT. DiskDir for creating directory lists and the plugin guides are also very useful if you want to create your own Total Commander plugin.

Note: After clicking the download button in the gallery, you usually have to scroll down a little to get to the download you want. On the manufacturer’s side, the plugins are sorted by category and alphabet.

In addition to the open source plugins from the Total Commander developer, you will also find many third-party plugins in the download area of ​​the official homepage. However, these are not always open source.

Which plugin is your favorite add-on for Total Commander? Have you already programmed your own plugins? Or is Total Commander enough for you as it is?

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